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[D] One of the things I think about a lot is weather. And therefore also climate. This post – which will be updated once in a while as I find new things – will contain links and commentary about weather- and climate-related stuff. is probably the best automated forecast site out there. It’s usually very accurate to 48 hours, and gives you a solid idea of what’s happening for the next 3-5. And it has an incredible database of locations, sometimes down to specific buildings.

Met √Čireann’s Rainfall Radar gives a view of where stuff was falling from the sky in Ireland up to about 15 minutes ago. There’s an animated feature that will allow you to step through the previous several hours, with frames 15 minutes apart. That can usually tell you whether or not it’s going to be suitable to take the dog out, say. I don’t mind light rain, but he hates it.

Irish Weather Online (Facebook) is a page where a good, solid, accurate and well-explained forecast is posted every morning, with other weather alerts as necessary during the day. The main forecaster is actually in Canada, but that doesn’t stop him from doing superb work.

Warm Arctic Winter 2015/2016 – while at the time of writing, winter isn’t over in the Arctic, there’s a lot of oddity there already. This article sums up a few of the anomalies, from higher temperatures to a lack of sea ice.

Gentle Decline is my own other newsletter, about what to do after climate disaster takes hold.

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